2021 DDDay Call for Presenters

The 2021 DDDay Call for Presenters is coming soon!

The Program Committee will be seeking workshops that meet the needs of a diverse group of conference goers. Presentations that offer a collaborative, practical model that can be utilized by other individuals or programs with similar needs will be given preference. All presentations should be designed to last 1 hour and 15 minutes in length. Conference proposals, which are designed solely to promote an agency or an agency’s services, will not be considered.

If you or someone else within your agency is interested in presenting, please complete the enclosed Presentation Information Form and the Presenter Information Form. The Program Committee will review all proposals. Each submission must include all of the requested information. The Committee will consider the following criteria when making their decision: relevance to the conference attendees, practical application, past presentation experience, innovation and quality of the presentation content. We are also limiting the number of presenters for each workshop to a maximum of two. (You may have an additional two presenters however lunch will only be provided for two presenters per workshop.)

All contributors will be notified of the Program Committee’s decision by a date TBD. Detailed conference arrangements will be sent at that time. All presenters selected for participation in the conference will have the registration fee waived and lunch up to two presenters will be provided.

Presentation information sheets must be submitted to the program committee by a date TBD.  You can find the presentation information sheet here when it is available.