Appreciation Awards – Coming Soon!

The Developmental Disabilities Awareness Day Committee will soon be accepting nominations for the 32nd annual award ceremony. The nomination form will be found here:

This year the awards will be given in five categories:

  • FAMILY/CAREGIVER/ADVOCATE: A parent, guardian, family member, or advocate who has played a
    significant role in enhancing the life of an individual with a developmental disability.
  • SERVICE PROVIDER: An employee, volunteer, or other professional service provider who has
    actively and successfully worked to develop or access programs or services that help individuals
    move forward in their lives.
  • COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD: An individual or group working in the community that has gone the “extra mile” to help enrich the lives of people with developmental disabilities. **Particular media recognition would fall under this category, whether an individual reporter or a publication**
  • PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT: A person with a developmental disability who is not a professional or service provider who has made successful strides towards greater independence and has helped other individuals to do the same.
  • LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT: A professional who has dedicated their career to enhancing the
    lives of individuals with a disability.

Thank you for participating!!